Coinbase Review: the Best Crypto Exchange in North America?

Coinbase Review — Rekt Money

Coinbase is the biggest Bitcoin exchange and broker in the world. With their exchange, called Coinbase Pro, you’re buying and selling offers to other users on the platform, and Coinbase is making a cut out of the deal.

With the brokerage, you simply purchase crypto directly from Coinbase at the price they offer (there is no offer on the brokerage side).

We will discuss the safety of Coinbase and its products throughout this review.

How am I going to build a Coinbase account?

Creating an account on Coinbase is very simple, and that’s partly because Coinbase doesn’t require a lot of personal data from you. What you find with a lot of brokers and exchanges is that you need to look for some details before you can proceed. This is not the case with Coinbase. Only an email address or phone number is appropriate. You will get started immediately after you have approved your account via e-mail or SMS. It gives us a bit of a weird feeling, but in truth, an exchange doesn’t require anything else from you.
If you register an account using our page, you will receive a bonus of $10 after you have established your account and a bonus of up to $90 for small tasks. This credit can not be deducted and must be used for trading in an exchange.

How does Coinbase work?

Coinbase helps you open trades the same way you deposit Bitcoin , Ethereum, EOS or Ripple to start trading. There is also no need to make direct deposits in euros or dollars. If you don’t already have a cryptocurrency, we suggest you buy it using the Coinbase. They offer very low fees for euro transfers in tandem with simple methods of payment.

Deposit of Bitcoin to the Coinbase

If you already own one of the sponsored coins, you can conveniently transfer them to your special Coinbase wallet address. If you don’t own crypto yet, you can also buy crypto and send it to the platform, we’ve described how to do it:
Please register your account with Coinbase.

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