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Open-source software is a collaborative software that is intended to facilitate cooperation and redistribution and can be quickly released and made accessible to anyone in the world instead of a single company. Since open-source is totally decentralized and accessible to all, there is no barrier to the production of cryptocurrency.

Much like the Bitcoin network, open-source software is a community project and is not developed by any particular company that operates computers on the network. It is entirely decentralized and can be difficult to navigate for those who are not familiar with software development technologies.

Currently, with an growing number of blockchain networks, there has been a huge spike in the introduction of new cryptocurrencies on the sector. These cryptocurrency ventures draw potential users to collaborate and link to each other and to reach a consensus on the blockchain network.

In this post, crypto exchanges for operating open sources are mentioned. In the future, we will keep updating this post so stay tuned to us. Let ‘s speak about open-source exchanges.

Best Open Source Crypto Exchange

1. HollaEx

HollaEx operated by bitHola is an open-source trading platform that was released on 1 January 2020 in Seoul , South Korea. As a launch bonus, HollaEx gives its customers a flat-rate 30 percent discount on trading fees. You just need to log in and press the link to refer as seen on the platform. Previously bitHola launched HollaEx as a groundbreaking digital commodity in October 2019 and opened the sector to the public in January 2020.

HollaEx was developed for the sole purpose of having an exchange that is scalable and at the same time has an simple platform for crypto users and has been built by local crypto developers. The platform was developed by “HollaEx Package,” an open-source white-label program that helps users to build and run their crypto and digital properties. ‘s Trading Site will also introduce the HollaEx (XHT) utility token at the HollaEx Wave auction, one of the longest wave auctions made public in the last 3 years. Users can also track the history of Wave auctions in the Wave Auction tables., using the HollaEx Package, is a true example of how future open-source trading sites can look like and deliver impeccable round-the-clock performance. The network actually supports some of the big cryptocurrency pairs, such as Bitcoin , Ethereum, Monero, Tether, Ripple, etc. The platform makes quick transfers with minimum fees simpler. seeks to offer blockchain applications to all industry channels, including finance and eCommerce firms.

2. BisQ.Network

BisQ.Network is a 100% open peer-to — peer (P2P) sharing site for cryptocurrencies. The website is entirely open-source, where all reviews are open to general debate on GitHub. This framework is available for Windows, Mac , and Linux operating systems.

The P2P network makes purchases less expensive as there is no infiltration by middlemen and encourages direct transactions between buyers and sellers. This eliminates the chance of hacking or DDoS attacks.

Users are free to log on the website and do not need to have personal information prior to registration. All personal information, including trading data, is stored locally on your computer, is completely encrypted, and is protected by the Tor Security Services.

The app is very easy to use and guarantees quick transfers in less than 10 minutes. You don’t need a third-party wallet at BisQ. You can store your funds locally on your BisQ Bitcoin wallet or bank account.

One of BisQ ‘s drawbacks is that it is only at an early stage and some of the advanced features are not yet usable. Another downside is that when you’re completing transfers, you need to be online to remain connected to the internet all the time. Some users can find it dangerous, but BisQ and Tor secret services guarantee optimum security and zero hacking for their users.

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